Upskilling workers in the Atlantic shipbuilding and maritime tech industry to boost industrial competitiveness, sustainability and blue innovation.


The Blueskilling Innovation project is committed to empowering individuals with essential skills to drive blue innovation, enhance industrial competitiveness, and expedite the implementation of marine renewables and green navigation technology across the Atlantic Area.

This goal will be achieved through the development of specialized training courses tailored to shipbuilding, nautical, and offshore sectors.


Interreg Atlantic Area 2021-2027

4 countries

Spain, France, Ireland and Portugal

Project lifetime

01/11/2023 – 26/10/2026

Charting New Horizons

The maritime industry faces the ongoing challenge of enhancing worker competencies to stay ahead in shipbuilding and maritime technology. With a view to boosting industrial competitiveness, sustainability, and blue innovation, the Blueskilling Innovation project has been initiated.

Led by the Basque Maritime Cluster (FMV), the project aims to elevate workforce qualifications across the Atlantic region. Over the course of the three-year project, nine partners from Spain, France, Ireland, and Portugal will collaborate to develop specialized training courses, spanning vocational and higher education, to empower workers in these pivotal sectors.




Work packages



Blueskilling Innovation team

Basque Maritime Cluster hosts launch of Blueskilling Innovation project in Bilbao

The Basque Maritime Cluster hosted the kickoff meeting of the Blueskilling Innovation project in Bilbao on January 18th and 19th, where it serves as the lead coordinator.

Lead partners training session for Interreg Atlantic Area

Basque Maritime Cluster participates in lead partners training session for Interreg Atlantic Area projects

The Basque Maritime Cluster recently took part in a significant milestone as it engaged in the Lead Partners Training Session for the Interreg Atlantic Area Projects held in Porto.